We understand the need of maintenance of your applications, and we offer the best plans for the maintenance.

Whether its web development or any cloud based services you are looking for dipsons offers you wide range of services.

Each business is unique so as the software you require, we build the applications as per your business policies & standards.

Ready to shoot the target audience let us help you to reach them, whether its your website or app we make it viral.

Customer satisfaction

Our experienced developers assist in the development of applications that will enhance your brand visibility and sales. We take our client’s ideas to the next level by customizing proficient with the latest features.


Lines of codes

This is the volume of the single biggest project we have developed so far, with zero errors and bugs and working seamlessly with average 4000 concurrent sessions.

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Our goal is giving best
to our customers in technology


Manage it service

We offer custom services like redeveloping the old applications with deprecated codes with the latest version of the codes, so that your application runs seamlessly.


Cyber Security

You might not be aware the quality of the coding used for developing your website, your data might be at risk! At Dipsons we develop with the highest grade of coding.


Digital Experience

Is your application able to appeal to your audience and how does your audience feel while using it, these are very critical factors that will determine the success and failure of your app.



Most common question
about our services

Mostly yes. Although we prefer to work with our own designs as that helps us to deliver maximum value. Nevertheless, we are flexible and adaptive to your requirements. We will screen your designs to check their effectiveness. If they are strong, we will be more than happy to take on from there. However, if the designs do not meet our basic standards, we will be honest and recommend you to reconsider.

The choice of a programming language depends on the target platform. Below are some of the common programming languages we use and their corresponding platforms:
➤Android apps: Kotlin
➤iOS apps: Swift
➤Cross-platform apps: React Native or Flutter

Developing and launching a mobile app is a multi-faceted process. After the development is complete, the app is rigorously tested for software bugs and usability issues before launching it on the respective app store.
On average, it may take anywhere between three and nine months to build and launch your app. The time taken precisely depends on factors like app complexity, project structure, number of features incorporated, location of the app development company, etc.